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The Infinity ProgramThe Infinity Program

The Infinity Program was created to provide managed financial achievement to high income/high asset individuals and their families. It's a wealth planning strategy designed to get the most from all areas of your plan and the advisors contributing to it.

The Infinity Program and The Infinity Retirement Advantage are designed to manage the advanced planning requirements of high income/high asset business owners, professionals, executives, retirees and their families. Experience with these two programs has proven that clients consistently achieve superior results when all of their advisors are involved in the planning. Your team of advisors may have a great deal to contribute to your plans... if they're asked and if they are aware of what the other advisors are doing.

When your advisors are working independently of each other, missed opportunity and hidden dangers build up over time and have the potential to affect your plans ... sometimes to a very material degree. We call these gaps in a client's plans "Value Leaks". In simplest terms Value Leaks are the opportunities that you are missing out on because of communication and consultation breakdown in your Advisor Circle.

As the image illustrates, many clients attempt to manage and direct their Advisor Circle themselves. However, it's often an activity that competes with their central role in many other areas of their life ... work/business, family, fun, community, etc. As a result, their financial management isn't given the time or attention required to build plans that work. The fact that financial management usually isn't an area of expertise for most clients further diminishes the results that a client is able to obtain on their own.

Infinity clients understand that by wrapping The Infinity Program around their Advisor Circle they have the dedicated time and expertise of a director who will guide them to a clearer understanding of their planning objectives and manage their achievement by tapping current strengths and unlocking hidden opportunity.

Infinity Clients emerge from the program with a greater awareness and understanding of their affairs and new confidence in the achievability of their objectives. Most clients say their greatest confidence builder is having their "loose ends" wrapped up. Using a forward looking approach to reposition clients means we're moving ahead with a solid plan.